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Web Design

Get more leads and happier clients with a fully responsive, custom-made website or e-shop!

Do you know how much time we spend on the internet? A typical person spends 6 hours 42 minutes online every day. With everyone depending on the internet for their access to necessities and supplies, web development has become more crucial to any business’ success. So evidently, website design and development is something you can’t afford to ignore while kick-starting your business.

According to a survey, 38% of your visitors are unlikely to interact with your site if the design is unappealing. This is where you’ll need experienced Web developers and Web designers who can work together to incorporate all important elements of the design – from colors to graphics, navigation to UX – in a way that has a consistent effect on the viewers.

Web Developers and Web Designers have very different roles and are responsible for different facets of website development. They both are involved in the task of Web Development, but they’re engaged in different roles.


Design Department


Be exactly like…no one else! After focusing on learning everything about your business, we handcraft a custom experience from scratch, based on your specific inputs and needs.


Make sure that your website or e-shop features the tools and content you need to grow your organization, with a fully responsive design that can be perfectly viewed on any device.


Maintaining a particular sensitivity for visual aesthetics, we focus on UI best practices and on resolving interface structure through navigation and interaction design.

Do great work

Design Department

Our Vision

Our vision is for Buddy to be included among the nation’s elite design and development businesses — to be known for the exceptional quality of our work; the quality of our team; being great people to work with; and operating with integrity, transparency, honesty, and decency.

Our “Why”

Because we want to show the world that you can be successful, and have a successful organization, by doing the right things: treating people well; empowering high performers to thrive; being honest, open, and collaborative; doing exceptional work; building an organization that we’re proud to be a part of.

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